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Where do you find Impressive Designs for Indian wedding dresses in Delhi?


This is a question asked by all kinds of people. Because weddings for such a huge part of people’s lives in today’s society, what they wear has also become of great importance. Wedding outfits and wedding couture forms one of the biggest segments of fashion in India as well as retailing. Indian fashion  is very much linked to the outfits of the bride and the groom, and the biggest designers in the country come up with collections for the same, year after year. So it is apparent how important the wedding collection ( is to Indian fashion, as well as how important it is for retailers and designers to have this collection, as the demand for these outfits is never dying out.

As wedding outfits continue to gain popularity, designer outfits and nice and unique designs are becoming more and more important. More and more designers emerge every year in the segment and bring something new to the spectrum. And all of this also works out because of the large consumption capacity of this segment. Wedding market in India is every growing and very wide, so designers are able to carve a niche for themselves and get their own clientele and because of the large number of people willing to buy, many designers tend to find success in this segment.

As the market grows larger and larger the scope for buyers to identify and find out the better designers in the segment becomes more and more challenging. Different consumers want to find ways to differentiate between designers and stores, and find out their unique qualities to find out which one of those would suit them the most.  In such a situation the need to identify such agents becomes very important.

Anyway, the avenues to find these deigns can be divided in two sections, as given below

  1. Brands/Franchises

  2. These are stores with various branches across the city. These stores have a lot of outlets which carry their designer outfits. They carry all sorts of designer clothes, specially wedding related. Stores like Meena Bazaar in women’s section and stores like Manyavar in mens wear have kind of become the greatest sellers of these outfits. These stores can certainly be relied upon as those who shop from these outlets know the styles they carry. They also have a brand value which seems to be of great importance presently. These branded outlets are becoming a great way to distinguish between designers and various styles, and they give the comfort of knowing what one is going for.
  3. Designer (run) stores

  4. These stores are opened and owned by various designers. Designer culture has gained importance in the Indian wedding department, so for those people who want to experiment with their taste and try something new, find that these designer stores are the right choice for them. These designer stores have also given a lot of scope to the budding designers, and gives them a chance to present and sell their unique ideas.

Top 5 Things to People Visit For Casual Wear In Greater Kailash


Diverse Delhi is having some amazing places where you can easily lost for different activities. When it comes to shopping people would love to rush in Delhi where amazing collections can be easily noticeable. Some places are simply superb where you would love to visit again and again for shopping. You can buy any types of clothes where huge diversities can be also available. Here are the reasons why people love to visit places like Greater Kailash for shopping.

Huge Collection of Clothes

The place is very famous to the shopaholic people in all around the country due to its amazing variations in clothing. In one place you would get men’s clothes, women’s clothes and kids’ clothes too. In Greater Kailash huge versatility can be seen even in traditional clothes. Huge collection of western dresses can be also noticeable when it comes to this place. All types of dress materials and fabrics are available here which is absolutely mind-blowing.

One Area with Multiple Shopping Options

The place is very much acceptable to the people due to its vast shopping destinations. You can go to the local simple roadside markets, as well to the branded retail outlets according to your choice. The huge shopping complexes also are there from where you can purchase your desirable clothes accordingly. The multiple shopping places are always welcome you with different types of attire.

Reasonable Price Range

All types of clothes are available in Greater Kailash with amazing and absolutely affordable price range. You can get same clothes in branded markets and in the roadside markets too where the huge extent of price ranges can be seen. As per your budget, you can buy casual clothes from this place. So, reasonable price range makes the place more popular to a greater extent.

Location Is Really Nice

Greater kailash is located in south Delhi where most of the sophisticated families live generally. The place is absolutely perfect to come and to shop for the outsiders too. Though the area is located in south Delhi till the place is absolutely perfect for shopping to the people who came from other places.

Transport System Is Best

The transport system is very much soothing which makes people from outside to come in Greater Kailash for shopping. Almost all types of transport availability make your journey hassle free. You cannot even feel a huge rush as there every type of vehicles is present to make your travelling smooth. The roads are smooth which help you to travel even more to visit the place for multiple shopping centres.

Here are only five things can be consulted through this article why people visit in the place for casual wears. The place is one of the best places among all the different shopping destinations in Delhi. All types of advantages of shopping can be available in the area which is absolutely incredible. The shops, markets and shopping malls are simply amazing and hugely accepting to the people not only in Delhi but also all the other places.

Visit for more information of apparel stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata –

What are reasons to do shopping in Greater Kailash?


The location of Greater Kailash makes it possible for the shop freaks to visit the place over and over again to get their fashion needs satisfied. There are other reasons too why Delhiites consider this place as one of the best shopping hubs in entire Delhi. Here in this article you will get to know the reasons why this place has lately become every shopper’s paradise; have a look in this article to know the reasons.

The ambience of the place

 The ambience of Greater Kailash makes it one of the favorite places for the Delhites. The posh neighborhood brings a feel good feeling in the minds of the shoppers. The affluence of the society, their polished behavior is what that attracts every Delhite and also the people coming to this place for shopping from far places.


Being located in the proximity of the railway station and also near the airport, both domestic and international it makes easier for the overseas travelers also to shop from this place. Almost all the trains or buses ply over Greater Kailash reaching there is not at all a problem. It is very well connected by roads and railways.

Food junctions and play stations

You don’t have to think twice if you have to take your kids to shopping. Kids throw tantrums when they are kept a hold on for quite some time, but with this place this is not at all a problem. You can bribe your kids to keep calm and quiet and then as a reward you can take them to the nearby restaurants and coffee shops for a yummy treat. There is also play stations nearby where you can keep your kids engaged while you do the shopping.

Branded Stores

This is perhaps the main reason why people stick to Greater Kailash when they need to shop. This place has a lot of branded stores and outlets to give you a huge variety of collections to choose from. You will find popular branded clothes and also designer clothes from the rack of top notch designers of the country.

Cordial behavior of the staff

Greater Kailash knows the trick to do business; that is the hospitality and the way to impress customers. The cordial behavior of the staff urges you to visit the place over and over again. The staff will help you in every possible way; they will cooperate with you when you ask for a particular type of clothes or a particular design of clothes.

Reasonable price

You will get to shop things of your choice quite within your pocket pinch. There are wide variety of choices to choose from and there are varying price ranges. So you can choose the one that is the most convenient to your budget.


This shopping hub in Delhi has built its own trust in the eyes of the customers. When you shop from this place you can be quite sure that you won’t be defrauded. The shops never compromise with the quality of the products so you can do the shopping to your heart’s content without fearing about being misled.

These are the reasons why people love this place and have made this place a shopping hub.

Visit for more information of apparel stores in Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata –

Where can you purchase casual wears for men?

casual wear

One of the most popular things purchased by most men is casual wear. When purchasing casual wear, you need to keep 2 things in mind. The first thing is the level of comfort you get from the apparel that you are wearing. The next thing that you need to keep in mind is that it should be pocket-friendly. When you are purchasing casual wear, it is recommended you visit the bazaar style stores. These places have some of the most varieties of casual wear to choose from. One of the best places to shop for casual wear in Delhi is in Greater Kailash.

Types of casual wear

There are many different types of casual wear to choose from. When it comes to tops, the most common are the t-shirts. You will get many different types of t-shirts to choose from. Cotton is the most preferred material as it is very comfortable. Most cotton t-shirts are either plain or have a printed on them. Many of them have the faces of superstars or action heroes. You will get rubber prints as well as colour prints. These t-shirts are extremely comfortable, and you can wear them on a daily basis.

When it comes to bottom wear, there is a lot of different things to choose from. The most common are the pair of jeans. They are very comfortable and lasts a long time. You can pick up different coloured jeans, but the most popular are the shade of blue that is mostly associated with jeans. You can pick up different types of jeans from the stores in Greater Kailash.

Another popular type of bottom wear is the Bermuda or the shorts. These are comfortable cotton bottoms that are general till the knee. These are most comfortable for the summers. You can team them up with a loose t-shirt for maximum comfort. There are many different types of Bermuda. Most of them are printed in different coloured. You can pick up these Bermuda from different stores in market places all over Delhi. These are the perfect vacation wear as well.

Tips for buying casual wear for men

The most important thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing casual wear for men is that they need to be super comfortable. You will be spending most of your time in those clothes so unless they are comfortable you will not have a great time. Another important thing to keep in mind is the budget. You should have a fixed budget in mind and make sure you stick to it while you are shopping. Another important tip is that while you are purchasing such casual wear make sure you purchase things that you feel you will be wearing. It is better not to purchase something rather than buying something and having it rot at the back of your closet.

The market stores all over Delhi are definitely some of the best places to shop for casual wear for men as they are comfortable and reasonable.

Visit for more information of apparel stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata –

Designer Saris for 2016- That give trendy look and different outfit to women

red sari

In Indian culture Sarees are one of the most preferable costumes by women. It bounces a trendy look to woman’s outfit. It is the elegant clothing of unstitched length of cloth swathed around the women body. In India women usage to wear sarees not solitary for religious persistence but also on party’s like gathering, wedding, on festivals, and on also on various altered occasion. Saree is the only costume which will never be petition less. It grants the women with gorgeous and stylish appearance and makes them good-looking. A good looking sarees would we obligatory to be of appropriate fabric with attractive embroideries and color.

There are numerous latest designer sarees are obtainable that bounce changed appearance and outfit to women. Sarees reproduce the Indian culture and immunity. For altered occasion like for gathering, for a wedding, for the party, etc. various latest designer sarees are contemporary with different outfits.

The importance of designer sarees: The designer sarees come with nice embroideries, different fabric, color, with attractive patch work and aspect gorgeous to wear. In today’s time amongst this newest designer sarees, party wear sarees are in supplementary trend and are highly loved by women in India as this sarees use to look the women gorgeous and good looking.

The trend of latest designer sarees is standard to be upsurge day by day not alone in India but also in the further countries. The designer sarees are additional in demand by all young women’s in today’s era. These latest designer sarees are made up of high-quality fabrics such as net, georgette, velvet, chiffon, silk, etc.

Different Designer sarees that give a trendy look: Women usage to wear different trendy and decent looking modern designer sarees in the party that bounce the stylish look and brand their appearance attractive. Specific of the designer sarees includes:

Net Saree: Net saree is highly favorite and loved by Indian women’s. This saree is designed with wonderful style and outline. This saree gives acharming and fresh look to women’s outfit. Net saree is more in demand by Indian women’s since its special design. It can be designed to wear anywhere including all parties, gathering, wedding and other functions, etc. It is easy to wear this saree and also to carry it since it is light in weight. Most of the designers use to make it with the piece of fabrics in a trendy form which can be decorated on the body with numerous styles. Indian women constantly choose to party wear the net saree on a special occasion as it gives attractive look and make them feel comfortable.

Wedding Bridal Sarees: This pattern of saree bounces rich look and appearance to women outfits and is particularly designed for the drive of wearing on grand ceremonies.  This glorious form of sarees gives you a dashing look on various grand events of marriage like half, mehndi, sangeet, and reception. These stylish sarees are made from royal embroideries to present a gorgeous outfit. Fabrics use for this wedding sarees includes net, chiffon, georgette, velvet, brasso, etc.

Georgette sarees: Georgette is the greatest extensively use fabric for saree making. Georgette sarees is involved of embroidery designs with tie border and patch work. Georgette is appropriate and is simply washable fabric. The georgette sarees seem with changed colors and shades.

To buy designer sarees in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata – Visit for more shops information to

Upcoming Summer Fashion Trends for Women in 2016


The summer season is always exciting for a variety of reasons. Apart from the numerous functions and festivities that one is invited to and many holidays in institutions, the summer collection from different designers brightens the lives of women like none other. Every year, we see a variety of trends and collections that women find hard to believe but adopt quite naturally few months in. In 2016, expect something similar. The upcoming summer fashion trends for women this year; many of which can be seen on display at Vero Moda India are quite jaw-dropping. However, the look of models that sported these garments assured us that you will be rocking these collections by the time summer is at its peak!

Pajamas on the street

Have you ever woken up so late that you rushed to office/school in your pajamas? Well, don’t be surprised if you find many compatriots of this trend in 2016! Pajamas are making a big comeback into the fashion industry, and it is not the boudoir the designers are working on the PJs for. That’s right; one of the upcoming fashion trends of 2016 is wearing pajamas to routine activities. Expect to see some exquisite lace, nets, and silk fabric to be used in these regular-wear pajamas that are set to revolutionize the fashion industry. You can pick up your pair of fashionable pajamas to wear regularly at Vero Moda India for affordable prices.

Casual Stripes

When the word stripes come into play, many of you may wonder why this is an ‘upcoming’ fashion trend. Haven’t striped shirts always been an integral part of the fashion industry? Yes, they have, but in 2016, the stripes are no longer set to be restricted to shirts. If you are a lover of the stripe pattern of dressing, this year is set to bring you much joy. Many spring and summer collections of 2016 have striped articles of clothing in them. From chic pants to trendy skirts, stripes seem to have taken the industry by a storm and are being used in leading designs everywhere. Stay two steps ahead of the fashion industry and go grab your striped clothes NOW! Many pretty collections with stripes can be found at Vero Moda India and Allen Solly.

Statement Earrings

While accessories have always been acknowledged and considered as important elements of the fashion industry, 2016 is all set to witness a tremendous rise in the significance of earrings. More specifically, one of the latest upcoming summer trends this year is wearing extravagant statement earrings. From Native American to abstract, the style of these earrings varies a lot. The general idea is to pair simple and elegant attire with these esoteric earrings to create a contrasting yet beautiful look. The best part about this trend is that one can relax on the expensive clothing and look fashionably trendy by sporting casual attire with the right pair of earrings. If you want the right statement earring to rock this summer season, try the collections at Vero Moda India.

Visit for more information of apparel stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata –

Top Fashion Wear to Check in 2016


There are so many apparels out there for men and women who can be eligible equally for being stylish as well as comfortable. Anyway, going for shopping and picking up the right ones can be very much problematic, especially if you don’t know which one is best for you. If we consider the trends and style, fashion is something which can be considered to be a subject, always changing from time to time. Some of those trends manage to remain the dominant ones while the rests, as it’s obvious, remain submissive. If we take a look at the several top fashion meets in the year, we will be able to see that the newest trends include Victorian style, jeans from 70’s and 90’s, suede, large as well as minimalistic stripes, checks, several mismatches and so on. In case you are getting worried, here are the ultimate points to help you get the hang of top fashion wears of this year.

Some General Tips to Set You:

Right size: this should be your ultimate motto this year. Even if you don’t have a hour glass figure, wearing over sized clothes will not make you look less fat, rather the exact opposite. So choose something which is proportionate. You can use a flexible measuring tape to emasure your waist size, inseam size and so on.

Being Human

In case you have already great fitting clothes of any kind, be sure to pick it up before you head for shopping.

The complexion and height should matter. Most of us don’t bring these factors into consideration and end up unfortunately looking very odd.

All of us want to look as stunning as those Bollywood and Hollywood divas or studs. We get it, but it is wise not to follow the trends blindly.

You can flaunt your body but in that case wear cloths which can complement your body types. It will be great if those can hide the imperfections also.

Where to Shop:

Even though there are several famous local and international brands available Being Human Stores is quite different from the rests. It’s a famous establishment by Bollywood star Salman Khan who paired it up with the Mandhana Industries Ltd. This foundation’s clothing line is unique for working in support of the education of distressed children. It has its stores in places like Middle East, Europe, India, South Africa and Nepal.

Here you can get those flared, wide-legged jeans from 90’s, 70’s, cool jackets to go with those, straight cut frocks with patchworks, prints.

For guys, materials with check pints, solid colour are also available along with accessories like tie, socks and so on. Formal Suits and shirts are available in colours like French navy, marine green, sky blue and so on. Waist coats are also available in double breasted variation. In case you are up for free style, you can team up your solid colour pants with pin stripes suits, check jackets.

Here are the tips which can set you on the shopping spree.

2015: the year when jeans dominated again


2016 has embarked on us big time. In fact we are even at the cusp of entering the 2nd month of the year. Yes, 2015 has gone, and it has left us long back. However the memories of that year are still alive in our genes. 2015 gave us loads of thing. However you will be surprised to know that year 2015 was also all about Jeans. Jeans, as usual, had a great year in 2015; as it undisputedly became—once again— the number 1 clothing choice of the year.

No one was really surprised, as everyone knew no one could topple the mighty jeans.

Why jeans are so popular?

Jeans are so popularly worn by many people. They are in fact known as one of the most prolific pants that you can ever get your hands on. Jeans are known for its style, versatility, comfort and of course trendiness. Lee Jeans was considered as one of the most top selling jean companies of 2015.


These are of course some of the reasons why people love wearing jeans. However, you will also be surprised to know that there are many more little reasons why people love using them.

Jeans are also endorsed and vouched by many movie stars and sportsmen and women. Everyone just loves the prolific style of jeans and that’s the reason why they are so popularly worn by many.

Jeans are so hardy in nature

One of the reasons why jeans are used by many is because of its hardy nature. Jeans are very strong in nature. Even though jeans are generally made out of a material and variant of cotton, then are still regarded as very tough. That’s the reason why many workers and office goers use jeans when they need to wear something which is stylish yet hardy.

Jeans is regarded as an all weather pant; you can literally use it at any type or sort of weather. It does not matter whether you want to wear them when it’s raining, snowing or when it’s sunshine, it will always serve to your purpose.

Jeans go with anything

Are you off to a party? Or do you think you are headed towards an auspicious occasion? Are you confused, then do not worry, Jeans can be your saviour. Yes, jeans are considered so blending and versatile that you can easily wear and use it at any type of occasion or event. One can easily wear jeans for his or her office work, official work, at meetings, auspicious events, festivities, on casual day out, at parties, at home, at casual dinners, and even at several other places.

Jeans are very useful. And, on top of it, jeans can go along with any type or kind of upper wear. Girls can don it with clothes like crop tops, shirts, kurtis, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops and other things. While guys can easily wear the jeans with almost anything; Indian male can also wear the jeans with long kurtas and short kurtas.

That’s the reason why jeans were regarded as most popular cloth of the year 2015. Go grab your Lee Jeans today to commemorate the win!

Top Clothing Winter Trends for Women 2016


Since we have stepped into this new year now, it’s time to take a sneak peek at the fashion trends of Winter’16 that we need to be prepared beforehand . The New Year implies undoubtedly that new trends have got to set in by the summer of 2016 pushing styles of 2015 out of the window! We have always welcomed the new styles with an open hear, each year the trends keep getting outlandish, making this year’s trend bold, daring and statement worthy!

Trend 1. Get that Cool and Sporty Look

This winter, add the element of coolness because of the athletic trend. It’s a typical old-school way to style yourself that would make a comeback this winter, during moderate temperatures. Tennis skirts, leather leggings, gym shorts, go-faster stripes would be jazzing up your look in a splash and a fresh way. This sporty design would not only give your body a great shape but also give you a nice fit. Polo neck would be the main trend this winter, although Racer backs would still continue. You can get this sporty look by having a look at the athletic collections offered by Levi’s India.


Trend 2. Trucker Jackets are back again!

This is something you can wear anytime of the year, it’s a must- have this year too. The denim jackets would be great with the beginning of a little nip present in air and would do superb if you wear it under a layered clothing which would become a fashion statement. You can choose anything: just pair it with slim jeans from Levi’s India or khakis, wear it like a shirt, wear it with a loose tee or unbuttoned. That’s your choice. This jacket is an absolute essential and super-versatile too.

Trend 3. Cape continues this winter too

Yes, the trench coat would continue from the last year. Beat the harshness of the winter with the cape! Although it looks similar to a poncho, it has full potential to beat all other clothing of winter. Its worn either sides, i.e., up or down. It can give you a company no matter what you wear from a pyjama to the classical knee-boots. These give you the best look when you chose neutral colours .An appearance which gives a ‘layery’ feeling is something which the poncho offers. Thus, it’s a sure shot don’t miss!

Trend 4. Puffy Sleeves to give you an awesome look

The first thought that comes to our mind while thinking about puffy sleeves is clowns. The image of the olden gowns comes to our mind, but it’s very rare that the sleeves are long. However, this winter, puffy sleeves are in. Yes, this means that 1980’s fashion has entered 21st century once again. It’s a fact that a small waist illusion is created by the stronger looking shoulders. But yes, puffy sleeves can make you look a perfect fit to go on a date.

Top Trendy & Classy Shirting Trends for Men‎ in India


In the present scenario everyone whether it is a male or female, all love to carry the clothes which depicts the recent trends and style. No matter even if the person is working still they will love to carry themselves in style for all five days. Men in India can get wide range of variety in Jack and Jones India. Wearing classy shirts can definitely provide a good start and liveliness from the weeks first day itself. The basic necessity for men’s is comfort and considering this view here are some for better ideas and trends which would be guided through this article.

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts are a pattern which is very commonly used. This is an evergreen trend going on from past several years and will go on several more years. Collared shirts can wore on trousers or pant as a formal wear and also wore on jeans for men as a casual wear. The change here we can see as per trends is on colors and designs, for experiment trying different colors and designs can be done here as the body type of men allows.

Jack and Jones

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts give a sharp and smart look to a person. To enhance its beauty they can be wore on Bermuda’s. Here men’s can try out the shorts or Bermuda of Jack and Jones for more cool looks. Polo shirts are available mostly in dark and bright shades. This pattern of shirts can be worn in every season.

Natty Shirts

This is a very classy form of shirts, which are being loved for their simplicity. They are available mostly in three main colors or in their near shades like white, black and blue. This drove pattern towards more sophisticated and more edgy style. Still besides all these this things the pattern carry’s a slight trace of trendiness. They are mainly available with cuffed sleeves and buttons all the way down. They are slight expensive but it is worth for this exclusive product.

Plaid Shirts

While wearing plaid shirt men do not have to worry as it goes well with formal and casual wear as well. They can wear it in office by pairing it with good trousers from Jack and Jones or can be worn on jeans or shorts as casual wear. Plaid shirts are available in lighter shades where mostly white color is the base. Plaid shirts are mostly paired dark jeans to gain more focused look, with chinos for smarter look, and can also tucked in for formal wear. Wearing tennis shoes with this pattern can also give a twist to a personality.

Printed Shirts

Printed shirts can be experimented with various things. It depicts funky style and men’s can wear it in office with wearing a skinny tie with it. This shirts can be tucked in and get a smart elegant blazer with it. Last thing just leave it over the trouser or shorts and pair it with cool flip flops from Jack and Jones a perfect look to spend time over the beach.

These are the various ways a men can opt for more stylish looks. A good appearance can be made with good attires and good appearance drag lots of attentions.